The adorable Island Mini Doodle (or iDoodle for short) is a new hybrid breed that is capturing the hearts of all who know them.
Hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and small enough to travel easily with their familes, along with the fact that they are wonderful with
children and other pets, makes them the perfect family dog.

The iDoodle is a deliberate hybrid cross between a Havana Silk Dog and
a toy poodle. This breed was created to provide our puppies with a more robust immune system and that hybrid vigor!
Please enjoy these adorable pictures!
(Some adult iDoodle pictures, at the bottom of the page)

What's more fun than an iDoodle party??
All of these adorable dogs are iDoodles,
except for the black dog on the far right.
She's an Havana Silk Dog!

Benny & Cooper

Left is an iDoodle pup. On the right a Havana Silk Dog adult.


Cooper & Benny

Louis and Armani

Louis Vuiton and Armani





iDoodle Adults, below

This beautiful girl, is Teagan!

Below are some pictures of "Jimmy", who is loved
and spoiled by our daughter, in Denver.

This is Packer!

He's a great little therapy dog!

Here is Odie, living a great life
on the beach in Florida!

Odie and Betty
               Odie peaking over Betty's shoulder (his standard poodle sister)
                          Cute Odie!

The dogs below are Benny and Cooper, who are the best of buds!

(Adult) Benny

(Adult) Benny & Cooper

Benny & Cooper, "Are we adorable or what?"



Mo & Cali



Snickers-Christmas 2014