We love to show off our furry lil hooligans
and hope you enjoy 'meeting' each one.
They really are such joys in our lives

Our Studs

This is Finn, who is such a character!
He is full of himself and so smart!
He loves to talk, especially when Steve comes home lol and makes us laugh daily. Our 7 yo granddaughter, Clark, thinks he's the best dog ever! The two of them roll around the floor together and she giggles hysterically. Sooo cute!

Finn is an AKC red toy poodle and has already made us some gorgeous puppies!

This is Armani, who is lovingly owned and adored by my niece, Kelsi.
Armani is an iDoodle, (his father is Finn) so when we breed him back to my Silk Dog girls, the pups will be 3/4 Havana Silk Dog and 1/4 Poodle; but STILL an adorable iDoodle! Armani is a very sweet boy and will continue to add that hybrid vigor to our pups!

Our Girls

Zoe is a beautiful black parti Silk Dog
and we can't wait to see
the beautiful pups she'll give us!

This is our sweet, Penny, an iDoodle
who was born here at our house.
She is FULL of personality and we are excited
to find her a 'husband' soon. :)

Our Silk girl, Zoe, is conformationally correct (to the HSDAA standard for Havana Silk Dogs), has great
temperament, and a nice coat.

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